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CHAPTER - 5 - Urgent applications, Review applications and Appeals to the Labour Appeal Court.

Items covered in this chapter include :​

Urgent interim relief in the Labour Court

  • Criteria for the granting of urgent relief

  • Procedure

  • Conclusion

Application for review of any grant that is permissible in law in terms of section 158(1)(g) and reviews of arbitration awards of the Commission in terms of section 145

  • Procedure​

Appeals to the Labour Appeal Court​

Applications at the CCMA
Procedures not specifically provided for in other rules


Other provisions contained in the Labour Court rules

  • Interlocutory applications

  • Withdrawals and postponements

  • Heads of argument

  • Partnerships, firms and associations

  • Consolidation of proceedings

  • Joinder of parties, intervention as applicant or respondent, amendment of citation and substitution of parties

  • Consolidation of proceedings

  • Pagination

  • How to join or substitute parties to proceedings (CCMA)

  • How to correct the citation of a party (CCMA)

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